What amount of money is needed?

In the following some hints – NO calculation.

1.  Car
Gas (according to Facebook) – between 350-500 Euro
Gas 35 Rubel / Liter (roughly ca. 50 Cent).
Toll – depending on the route

2.  Food & beverages
Between 5 & 100 Euro per day - depending you live on bread & cheese or prefer top restaurants ... your choice ...

3.  Accomodation
Between 0 and … per day - whereever possible mass accomdoations or camp sites are used. If you want to stay in a hotel ... it is getting more expensive …

4.  Visum
Between 50 and 200 Euro for Russia, plus costs of invitation
costs for passpord
costs for health insurance

5.  What else is needed...

The costs of living are low - thanks to the good exchange rate. To look for cheaper would mean free of charge! If you want to parcitipate, but lack the budet, we are looking for supporters.




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