Contribution for Peace

Sucess has 3 letters T.U.N. - Goethe (Do it!)

We all can do something for the sucess of the peace-trip. There are several ways to support.
You can
drive with us - as active participant
increase the reach - as an active media partner
help us – as an active project partner of our aid programms
provided financial resources – as a sponsor or/and a participant of our aid programms

So please don't tell yourself you can't do any good for spreading peace.




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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt


GERnalist: St. Petersburg #druschba | Day 7

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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt



Interview mit dem Sender Tag 09: Fahrt von Twer nach Moskau Tag 07: Sankt Petersburg



Pressekonferenz in Moskau



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