What do we want to achieve?

The peace drive from Berlin to Moscow is a citizens' initiative to promote international friendship between Germany and Russia. 

We believe in the possibility of peace despite the obvious geopolitical agenda of various countries and groupings among our European neighbours even under the circumstances that our media presents Russia as an enemy.

Instead of sanctions , military threats or even war , we rely on knowledge and cooperation between the peoples of both countries to ensure the supreme good of peace.

We are determined to take a on human need -oriented " Geopolitics from below ", within the meaning of sustainable peace policy on the basis of empathy and friendship between nations , taking it into our own hands.

With the Peace Trip, we send a signal to connect people , teams , cities , companies and ultimately two nations. This part of the man-made incontrovertible facts of international friendship must respected from politicians and even be further developed..




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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt


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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt



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