Who is behind this idea?

Dr. Rainer Rothfuss was a professor at the University of Tübingen from 2009 to 2015 and now runs his own business in Lindau for transnational project management. 

He is a scientist who constantly deals with the question of how conflicts arise and how these can be defused and solved at an early stage sothat  neither side feels compelled to use force.

The voice of anger, Owe Schattauer aka C - Rebell -um, is a musician , contractor and known peace activist who undertook already a peace trip to Moscow in 2015.

Born and grown up in the GDR, he wanted to be an architect and build bridges. In 1989, he played a role with comrades in demonstrations against the SED leadership, wearing NVA uniforms and equipped with protest posters.




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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt


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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt



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