How to obtain my visum?

The registered participants will be informed about the exact procedure. Here as preliminary information the key data.

The visa application process is done individually under the heading " Peace Trip" . What is needed is a visa for multiple entry. The list of participants go to the embassies of Russia and Belarus. Whether an invitation is needed will be clarified in the Orga Group. It must be applied strictly for a visa with 2- or multiple entry .

For a tourist visa the following documents are needed:
Passport - valid at least 6 months-
Visa application ( Only fill in if invitation and travel insurance exists !!! The number of the invitation and the insurance must be entered here )
A passport picture format 3.5 x 4.5 cm
Medical travel insurance certificate ( list of approved health insurance beforehand )
Guarantee of willingness to return

Further Information:




Health insurance for Russia:
In order to travel to Russia, you have to applya visa and sign up for atravel insurance. Because when applying for all Russia Visa (incl. Transit visas ) you need to show an insurance policy or an insurance certificate. A travel insurance under the normal statutory or private health insurance is not enough for a trip to Russia. Further information

( Non-binding indication - please clarify itself ) 
Simple visa RU - € 85 
Dual visa RU - € 90 
Belarus transit visa - 55 € 
Express visa up to 200 €




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