Considerations for drivers

Anyone traveling by private vehicle: It is absolutely crucial to have a green card  that  explicitly mentions RUSSIA. This is not always the case. Ask therefore your car insurance. Although insurance can be purchased at borders,  it would hold up the convoy enormously.

Therefore, please clarify PREVIOUSLY .

If name the name in the Logbook ( Russian: Techpassport ) is not equal to the name in the passport of the driver = authorization is necessary . Otherwise one can not cross the border.

Vehicle Registration:
The vehicle shall be registered on the name of the driver. If that is not the case ( eg . As company cars or family member is holder ) you need a power of attorney of the holder, which must be in German and in Russian (Official certified translator). For company vehicles the proxy MUST( at least the original German ) be printed on official company letterhead and include the company stamp. This applies even if the company or manager is even the driver. Then he has to issue the authorization himself.
The power of attorney should not be limited to Russia etc, because you might need it for the other countries as well (Poland, Lithuania). If the car should be leased, you need the consent of the Leasing Bank to leave the EU, or to be permitted in Russia and Belarus.




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