More than just a tour

Specific activities during our peace trip are to demonstrate our interest in peace and friendship. This covers:


Signature campaign to promote friendship between peoples ( by all passengers before and during the Peace Trip on printed lists )
open online petition directed towards the Bundestag and the European Parliament to promote international friendship with Russia  
Rallies, peace Itineraries 
Public events with concerts , speeches , lectures 
Meeting with public representatives of associations / cities / governments 
Meeting people ( festivals , private accommodations ) 

Support projects:
Visualize the negative consequences of sanction ( selection information first )
Bring help to the weakest among those affected 
Help to convey permanent sponsorships for needy / organizations 

Precise information will follow as soon as the planning is more advanced . We are pleased about every supporter .




Online Petition

Sign-Up for Peace



„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt


GERnalist: St. Petersburg #druschba | Day 7

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„Druschba“: Review einer Friedensfahrt



Interview mit dem Sender Tag 09: Fahrt von Twer nach Moskau Tag 07: Sankt Petersburg



Pressekonferenz in Moskau



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